Competitive Program Overview


Basketball Ontario offers a competitive playing environment for every level by hosting competitions from Division 1-15, with Division 1 being the highest absolute level of competition. The Kingston Impact will form teams and compete in as many Basketball Ontario age categories and skill levels as is practical.

Decision criteria for the number of teams includes (but is not limited to):

  • Availability of certified coaches
  • Gym space
  • Financial situation of the Club
  • Player interest/calibre

The Club Executive will analyse the situation and decide on the number of teams in any given year. In principle, the Club will strive to form as many teams as possible in each age category. Also, please note that players can participate in both the house league and competitive programs in the same season.

Age categories for both boys and girls for the upcoming season are:

Major Atom(U12) Grade 6 or younger
Bantam(U13) Grade 7 or younger
Major Bantam(U14) Grade 8 or younger
Midget(U15) Grade 9 or younger
Major Midget(U16) Grade 10 or younger
Junior(U19) Grade 12 or younger


The competitive program demands significant time and financial commitment. Each team will have on average two practises per week and three to seven tournaments (depending on the age group), most of which will be out of town and span entire weekends. There is no league in the city, therefore most games, less a few exhibition games, are played at the tournaments.

Financially, there is the initial Club and team registration fees, which will cover all uniform and equipment costs, gym rental, tournament registration and officiating fees, and registration with Basketball Ontario. The additional costs that players will incur are primarily associated with travel. Hotel rooms, food and transportation costs are not covered in the player registration fee. Also, the players will no doubt pressure their families to purchase quality basketball shoes and perhaps some clothing apparel with the Impact logo. The coaches can give you a general idea of all of these additional costs and we would strongly recommend that each family enter the season understanding the expenses that lie ahead. That said, there are also many things that can be done to reduce costs, including some charitable programs. If costs are a concern to you, please speak to your coach and we will see what can be done to help.

The player registration fees will be set by each team depending on the level of activity planned for the year. However, for perspective here are some approximate amounts:

  • Major Atom and Bantam: $550.00 per player.
  • Major Bantam and Midget: $700.00 per player.
  • Major Midget and Junior: $700.00 per player.
  • JUEL (Junior Elite League - Girls Only) - $750 per player.

Tryouts and Seasons

Players are invited to try out by age category. For the latest schedule and complete details please refer to our Competitive Tryouts Schedule.

Coaches will provide details on their seasons at the tryouts. Generally speaking, the younger teams (up to Major Bantam Boys and Girls) begin their seasons in October and end in late March or early April. More senior Girls teams begin after their school basketball season (mid to end November) and end in late April or early May. Senior Boys teams do not begin until late February and end in late May.

Policy on "Playing Up" (playing in an older age group)

The Impact does not want to encourage "playing up" but we recognize in some situations players are ready and need to play at an older age group in order to develop appropriately and have a positive experience.

For a player to be recognized in this way, the player has to demonstrate a level of social maturity, athletic ability and skill level required to contribute "significantly" to the older team. They also have to exhibit a strong desire to develop their skills and become an elite player.

We also recognize that in order to create viable teams, there are situations when players may be requested to play up. In situations like this, the club will only request this, if the player in question has been deemed to have the necessary physical ability, skill level and maturity to play at the older age group. The club and coaches will also work to ensure that this player will receive significant playing time and opportunities to develop. Playing up in this situation will be voluntary.

Each situation will be looked at on a case by case basis but in situations regarding the formation of #2 teams (hierarchical system), the club will strive to include as many players of that age group as possible. Therefore even if a younger player is deemed "stronger" than some of the older players, the club will not support playing up if it means an older player who meets the minimum ability requirements will not have another opportunity in the club to play.

Although playing up in a given year with the KIBC will be an important consideration for subsequent years, it does not guarantee permission for follow-on seasons.

Restrictions on Non Kingston/Post-Secondary Players

In the past there have been numerous conversations regarding restricting participation within our Competitive Program of players who:

  • Live outside the Greater Kingston area
  • Currently attend a post secondary institution
  • Graduated from high school

The club position is to allow any player regardless of their address or school enrollment status to try out for any of our Competitive teams as long as they meet the eligibility requirements of Ontario Basketball. In the event that there are 2 or more players of similar ability competing for a final spot on a team, a player who resides in the Greater Kingston area and attends a local elementary or high school will get priority.

Playing Time and Information

The coaches within the competitive division are expected to place great emphasis on player development and therefore they will make a concerted effort to have all players play. Depending upon the calibre of the team's players, the substitution patterns of the opponent, and the actual game situation, our coaches will work towards ensuring that each player's involvement is a positive experience. That said, there is no minimum playing time per game, except for any age categories where this is mandated by Basketball Ontario. All coaches will make their participation guidelines clear to all parents and players at the beginning of the season and will update both parents and players throughout the season should the situation warrant changes. Concerns about playing time are to be resolved between the player/parent/guardian and the head coach for the team. Ultimately, decisions on playing time are the responsibility of the coaching staff.

There are usually many questions and a certain lack of understanding by both the players and the parents/guardians in the competitive program – especially at the beginning of a season. The questions range from financial and time commitments, to travel exigencies, to issues such as playing time. Every Head Coach within the competitive division will hold a meeting with his/her players and available parents/guardians to discuss the season in detail, prior to commencement thereof.


Who is "Good Enough" to Play Competitive?

Our experience is that some players shy away because they feel that they are not good enough to make a competitive team. More often than not, they are being overly critical of their chances. We would offer the following comments:

  • Remember that we are trying to form more than one team at each age category, so there are lots of spots.
  • Coaches look for many things, including attitude and athleticism, in addition to basic basketball skills. Skills can be learned.
  • If you play for a school team or are amongst the best on your house league team, you certainly have a good chance to make a competitive team.

So, give it a try!