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Major Midget Boys final selections

September 26, 2017 - The following athletes have been selected to represent the Kingston Impact on one of it's three Midget Boys basketball teams.

These athletes will be contacted concerning upcoming skill development sessions (date and time). The final selection to teams will be completed closer to the beginning of the boys club basketball season.

Nik Kotsovolos 
Dennis Jost
Antonio Sousa-Dias
Michael Reid
Ezekial Glasgow
Sam Playter
Kenny Paddle-Grant
Jacob Dankovic
Peyton Sheppard
Conor Gaudet
Varun Patel
Ben McCrady
Seth Bryan
Jonathon Medford
Jake Ledford
Arden Williams
Nick Badalto
Mason McGregor
Nathan Young
Louis Wilson
Sam Condlin-Pratt
Caleb Patry
Josh Tan
Jake Richards
Jaimal Naran
Sam O'Brien
Aiden Henry
Jack Thurlby
Connor Banting
Connor Briand
Elyk Knaap
Grady Westwater
Jonathon Serson
Nick Dales
Jude Wheeler-Dee
Quinton Alton
The Kingston Impact basketball club would like to thank all additional athletes for attending the tryouts for this age group.