How do I register?


Registration for the 2017-2018 Development League is NOW OPEN.

To simplify processing, we are asking that all participants register through our online system. 

If you cannot pay by credit card, please download the registration form, fill out and deliver with payment (cash or cheque made out to "Kingston Impact") to: 324 Waterloo Drive Kingston, ON K7M 8P3.

If you have any further questions please email for help.

Note: if our program is full, we do offer a wait list. We will make every effort to accommodate as many players as possible.

Family Discount

As of the 2015-2016 season, the Impact is offering a special family discount for large families that wish to participate in our D-League program. The first 2 children are full price, but each additional child will be registered at a 50% discount. To qualify for this, please register all children at the same time using our online registration or please contact for further options.

Frequently asked question

D-League or competitive?

A common question asked by many parents new to the basketball scene is: My son/daughter is new to basketball, which program is best for them to participate in?

The answer is fairly simple - if your son/daughter is a reasonably confident person try both!

  1. Register for the D-League
  2. Attend the first couple of sessions
  3. Come out to our tryouts
  4. If your son/daughter makes a competitive team, your d-league fees can be transferred towards your competitive fees.
  5. If your son/daughter does not make a competitive team, they will continue to participate in the d-league and will have some knowledge of what level the competitive players are at. It will hopefully provide some incentive to listen and work on their game during the D-league sessions.

We use the term "reasonably confident" because for an inexperienced young person likely attending their first tryout, it can be very overwhelming. We do not want the experience to be negative. So it is really at the discretion of the parents to determine whether their child is emotionally ready.

We offer some suggestions for new and returning parents to help manage expectations for both you and your child:

  • Explain to your child that the tryout experience is a learning one - it is NOT a failure if they do not make a team.
  • Re-enforce that attending and participating in the tryout and trying their best is the most important part.
  • If they do not make a team, it DOES NOT mean they are not a good player or will not be a good player in future years. Use this experience as motivation to improve for next time.
  • No matter what happens, DO NOT JUDGE your child after a tryout and go through all the things that they did wrong or could improve on. You may think you are helping them BUT all they are hearing from you at that moment is "I suck".
  • Be supportive and encouraging. The most powerful words that you can say after the tryout is "I am proud of you" or "I loved watching you play." - Leave it there. No but ...