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D-League Championship Weekend 2017

February 24, 2017 - Just a reminder to D-League participants that the chase for the Impact Trophy is on!

And don't forget about the players and coaches banquet this Sunday at 6pm in the Bayridge Cafeteria.

Also this Saturday and Sunday is Picture pick up day if you purchased pictures.

Please look at the schedule below or on the web and know when and where your team is playing this Saturday. We want to make sure the players arrive at the correct gym on time.

Here is the schedule of games for Saturday, February 25th.

Bantam Girls – 11am

Bayridge – Playoff:

  • Court 1 – Stars vs Sky
  • Court 2 – Sparks vs Dream

Novice Boys -12:30pm

Bayridge – Playoff:

  • Court 1 – Heat vs Nets
  • Court 2 – Thunder vs Jazz

SJAM – Consolation:

  • Bulls vs Magic

Atom Boys – 2pm

Bayridge – Playoff:

  • Court 1 – Knicks vs Rockets
  • Court 2 – Suns vs Wizards

SJAM – Consolation:

  • Cavaliers vs Raptors

Bantam Boys – 3:30pm

Bayridge – Playoff:

  • Court 1 – Spurs vs Blazers
  • Court 2 – Lakers vs Warriors

SJAM – Consolation:

  • Kings vs Clippers

Good luck to all the teams.