Advertising Policy

The Kingston Impact recognizes there are many worthwhile basketball camps and athletic services in the Greater Kingston area. However, due to the overwhelming requests for advertising, the Impact will only showcase camps and services that:

  1. We are affiliated with and we believe will provide a suitable experience for our membership
  2. Have donated the equivalent of 1 bursary, either in the form of a monetary donation or services in kind, to our Competitive Bursary Program.

For more information on this policy, please contact our Director of Coaching/Player Development.

Spring/Summer Programs

Spring/Summer Programs 2018

The Kingston Impact currently is not running any formal programs during the Spring/Summer. There are however a number of local groups that do.

The following camps and programs listed on this page are not run directly run by the Kingston Impact Basketball Club. All questions should be directed to the main contact for the specific program.

Remember "Basketball players are made in the summer, but basketball teams are made in the winter."

When Who What Contact Info
March 12-16
Grades 5-8
14th Annual Holy Cross March Break Camp Scott Meeson Flyer/Registration

If you are looking for other options, both St. Lawrence College and Queen's University have a number of additional basketball related camps and programs.

Please go to their websites for more information.